4th of July

Happy 4th of July!



VE Day Flyover in Washington, DC

On Friday, May 8th, I attended the Arsenal of Democracy flyover in Washington, DC and captured some stunning moments. The flyover included dozens of World War II aircraft flying in 14 historical warbird formations representing the major battles, from Pearl Harbor through the final air assault on Japan. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took of the flyover.




Backyard Visitor – Buck

Today I took this picture of this buck in my backyard. I was sitting at the computer writing an e-mail when my mom comes into my room and tells me there is a deer in our backyard. My dad went into further detail by saying that it is a beautiful buck with big antlers. I didn’t need telling twice, so I ran to get my Canon Rebel EOS T3i and attached my 55-250mm lens. I couldn’t agree with my dad more, he is a beautiful buck! Technical Details: f/5.6, 1/400, ISO 3200, 250mm.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


Last month while I was home for the weekend my dad and I had breakfast at a restaurant we like. My maternal grandpa moved in with my mom and I when I was a junior in high school. We, and sometimes my dad, would eat at this restaurant with my grandpa. My grandpa liked to order their french toast. Every time I eat at this restaurant it conjures up memories of my grandpa.