Salad Days: Reaching Back into the Old Gray Matter

I came across this writing prompt for my Blogging 101 class called Salad Days and it is asking us to if there is a period in our own personal lives that we think of as the good old days? If so, to tell a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof). I was born in 1981, so I was a child of the 80’s and 90’s. I think certainly my childhood was a time of innocence and I certainly don’t carry a lot of the worries I carry now. I don’t really have one specific story to tell from my childhood. However, I do have various photo albums, as maybe some of you do. What some of you may not do is sort your photos like I do. For some reason I decided to dedicate a photo album solely to concerts I attended. So, when I open that album I can look at those pictures and see a picture of Garth Brooks and say, I remember that concert. That was a fun concert. Another album I have is for family and friends. Then, when I went away to college my Freshmen year, I started another photo album. So, somewhere, I have a photo album filled with pictures from my freshmen year in college. Now, whenever I feel like going back to the good old days or remembering fun times, I pull out a photo album.

Salad Days


4 thoughts on “Salad Days: Reaching Back into the Old Gray Matter”

  1. I used to create many photo albums too and I enjoy so much looking at them! Now I am saving my photos in a digital format but I am wondering if the effect will be the same in the future… 🙂

  2. I have my photos in digital format I maybe over categorize. The organization soothes me. Many of the albums carry the same name only I’ve added the year to them. Ex: what’s for dinner 2015

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